Building Caring Relationships

Building Caring Relationships (BCR) in Christ is a group dedicated to serving the needs of Trinity members by offering prayers, sending cards, providing meals, making personal contacts, transporting members to and from church, mowing yards, and other similar service activities. The more than 70 members who belong to the BCR group stay connected through email and are alerted to needs as they arise. If you would like to join the BCR group, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. The activities of the BCR group include the following:


Prayer Warriors

Prayer requests may be made to the BCR group by emailing All 70+ members will be alerted to your present need and will have the opportunity to begin praying immediately. If you prefer, you may email prayer leader, Cathy Von De Bur at and she can contact the group on your behalf. Prayer requests may also be submitted on the back of Worship Service attendance cards or by contacting the church office at (217) 787-2323.

Prayer Page

The BCR group is also responsible for the publication of Trinity’s bi-weekly prayer page. Prayer requests made via the BCR email list are assembled every two weeks, printed, and made available at Worship Services and in the church office. If you prefer that your prayer request not be published on the Prayer Page, please make that known at the time your prayer request is submitted.

Military and Homebound Lists

This group also maintains current lists of Trinity members who are in the military, enrolled in college, or homebound due to health issues. Members of the BCR group are able to keep these individuals in their prayers and are welcome to send cards and/or letters on a volunteer basis.

Grief Ministry

Volunteers from within the BCR group comprise Trinity’s Grief Ministry Team. These individuals send cards and words of encouragement to those who have recently lost a loved one. If you have recently suffered a loss, or if you would like to join the Grief Ministry Team in reaching out to those who are grieving, please contact Sara Schlichting at


Take comfort in God’s love while grieving and sharing together to rebuild one’s life after the loss of a loved one with our GriefShare class. This class features help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend. GriefShare is a special class and support group designed to help you rebuild your life after losing a loved one. We know grief can be unbearable at times and want to be here to support you through your journey.  Contact Joleen at

Baptismal Ministry

BCR volunteers offer care and support for recently baptized members and their families in the form of prayer, Baptismal banners and Baptismal birthday cards.

Meals to Families

Trinity’s BCR group also organizes and schedules meals for Trinity church members at times of births, deaths, illness or injury. These meals are prepared and delivered to the homes of families as needed.

Other Services

Members of the BRC group assist fellow church members in various other ways including helping with yard work, visiting or reading to the elderly, and other services as needed.